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nathaniel l. carterjr


"There are incredible children, families, gifts, talents that are looking for spaces to allow them to be and display who they really are."

Nathaniel L. Carter Jr., North Braddock raised and alumni of Woodland Hills. He attended Waynesburg University to pursue a spot on the men’s basketball team. But he quit the team during his freshman year, choosing to follow his passion to serve others instead. This journey took him everywhere from volunteering in soup kitchens to completing community projects. After he earned his bachelor’s degree — making him the first of 13 siblings to do so — he continued to focus on work with nonprofits. Carter also serves as a board member of North Braddock Cares Organization, a board member of The Housing and Education Resource Programs, Inc., a youth volunteer for Yahweh Ryse, a mentor at Barrett Elementary School’s after-school program and Woodland Hills Rankin Promise School. In 2015, he established This Generation Cares (TGC), LLC, an organization committed to empowering individuals, families, and communities through services, community engagement, and mentorship. “I enjoy providing support for others and developing meaningful ways for others to receive quality, inspirational, and individualized care,” Carter says. “On August 8, 2016, I resigned from [my current] full-time job and began to work for TGC full-time. I didn’t receive a salary while working at TGC; however, I believed and had faith in the vision.” The leap of faith worked in his favor, as the organization continues to grow and is now entering the pre-construction phase for a community ministry center in the Mon-Valley area! Nathaniel recognized by WHIRL magazine's 20 in their 20s class for 2018 in March. Involved locally and internationally, in 2017 he served in Africa (Uganda and Kenya) for nearly a month speaking and working with the team to support their development. He is an ordained and licensed minister who is sought after to speak across denominational lines, racial barriers, and ethical background. He completed a graduate certificate in Church Planting and Revitalization from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in June 2018. He officiated the memorial services of Antwon Rose II and helped plan the community day in his memory. More recently he sat on the planning team of the Braddock Civic Plaza/Community Day. Carter currently attends Amplify Church Pittsburgh City campus. He is also an apprentice in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 1001 new worshiping community movement.